Parents RISE UP And Take Action Against Mask Mandates For Children in Schools - War Room - 2021-August 19, Thursday


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We continue to cover the story of child torture in schools aslo known as mask mandates. Krsiti Leigh is back in studio and taking phone calls from parents on how they are handling this tyranny. Parents continue to raise hell at school board meetings, city council meetings and commissioner board meetings. The treason of Barack Obama in Afghanistan is really coming full circle about the fall of Afghanistan overseen by the Biden Administration. This news should anger every American. More covid tyranny with vaccines is announced as new studies reveal vaccines lose whatever effectiveness they may have had after 8 months and the Biden administration is weighing mandatory boosters as well. Mike Nificent joins from Right Side Broadcasting to discuss all this and the upcoming Trump rally in Alabama.
Kristi Leigh / Mike Nificent

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