Kalkidan Legesse - Black-Owned Business & How to be an Ethical Boss


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For this week's #sharethepodcastmic episode, Aja Barber is in charge.

She's interviewing her friend, Kalkidan Legesse, founder of Sancho’s - a pioneering Black-owned sustainable fashion store in Exeter in the UK.

Sancho's sells ethical and fair trade clothing, gifts and accessories from sustainable fashion brands like People Tree, Armedangels, Lefrik and Just Trade. They also really innovate with their pricing accessibility - and you'll hear all about that in this interview.

What else gets unpacked? Kalkidan's Ethiopian roots and how returning to Addis Ababa as an adult sparked the idea for Sancho's. The million racist micro-aggressions people of colour face in the fashion industry (and everywhere else), who gets the power, and how to be an ethical leader.

Here’s Aja on IG.

Here’s Kalkidan’s own website. Here’s Sancho’s on Instagram.


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