Color Tour Podcast Episode 10: Dario Bigi, in The East Village.


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This episode really gets to the heart of what the Color Tour Podcast is all about.

Dario Bigi is a New Yorker through and through. Originally born in Queens he has now been an East Village resident for over 20 years now.

He is an owner operator and runs his grading shop out of his apartment. Dario is the first CT Podcast colorist who hasn’t come via the traditional telecine grading route. We move from his rooftop to his grading set up. Before venturing 200 yards down the street to a swanky East Village cocktail bar.


Graded using an external matte

Topics discussed

  • The Manhattan skyline from his rooftop.
  • Calibrating a Panasonic BT300 Plasma to match his FSI CM250 OLED
  • The challenging grading environment in New York
  • Explains his complicated 20 plus Resolve Node tree including external mattes for a promo shoot for the new season of the SYFY show ‘Happy’
  • What Dario charges and does he justify it?
  • What the CSI means to him and how he is getting involved with the NY chapter.
The finished promo that includes the matte shot is the movie that plays bottom left in the ‘Happy’ promo window. The one where Patton is holding the baby chicks.

Dario and Warren in ‘Please don’t tell’ cocktail Bar

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