Color Tour Podcast Episode 11: Leo Otero, in Bogota.


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Leo Otero is a master colorist working in Bogota, Colombia. He has his own facility called 2.35

and works mainly on movies and longform projects.

Leo has been recognized worldwide for his work as Senior Colorist, the projects he has worked in have been awarded throughout the globe, such us the Cinematography award in Sundance Film Festival for Dog Eat Dog (2011). During his career he has worked allongside numerous Directors of Photography, wich has given him the opportunity to expand and complement his knowledge and professional experience. All of this granted him a membership in the ADFC (Colombian Society of Cinematographers).

Warren chats with Leo in his Bogota Post House before taking the short walk to a local bar where is joined with Diego Yhama from Colombia and Javier Guevara from Argentina. What is it like colouring in South America and how does each country differ?

Topics discussed

  • The kit Leo uses in his facility.
  • Using a projector over a monitor.
  • Pushing the standards of work in Colombia.
  • Leo talks about the push for ‘Netflix’ type shows and making IMFs in Resolve.
  • Chatting to the Post House cat.
  • How many nodes do the boys use on each shot?

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