Color Tour Podcast Episode 2: NAB 2018


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Episode 2: NAB 2018

Episode 2 of the Color Tour was recorded in Las Vegas at the Sixth Annual NAB Colorist Mixer was held on the Sunday before the exhibition opens. Warren takes the mic behind the scenes of the Mixer and finds out what the colorists have been grading and garners their thoughts on the Mixer concept.

The Podcast opens at the pre-Mixer starting at 5PM continues through to the post-Mixer at 11PM. Luckily the alcohol consumed by the interviewees matches that of your host….you be the judge!

Episode 2 features interviews with the following working professionals:

  • Joey D’anna
  • Chris Young
  • Gregg Lowen
  • Andrew Clarkson
  • Alexis Van Hurkman
  • Robbie Carmen
  • Ayumi Ashley
  • Patrick Inhofer
    Joachim Zell (JZ)
  • Dave Roman
  • Crash
  • Kevin Shaw
  • Dan Moran
  • Simon Walker
  • Nick Shaw
  • Dan Edwards
  • Mark Todd Osbourne
  • Isabelle Barriere

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