Podcast Episode S3 EP01: Walter Volpatto, Hollywood


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Season 3 of the Color Tour Podcast has been renamed ‘Not on Tour.’ I had planned to visit Walter in his new grading suite at Company 3 just after NAB 2020 but COVID 19 meant I never made it to LA. I decided to make the CT Podcast a Virtual Pod and I’m glad I did as this is a great listen.

Walter is one of the world’s leading Color graders. He has coloured over 100 features including Green Book, Star Wars The Last Jedi, and Dunkirk. Walter started his US career at FotoKem before moving to EFilm then to Company 3. He is a great asset to our industry and is always willing to share information and give advice.

Topics discussed

  • The Company 3 colorist structure and why you shouldn’t be afraid to get a quote from them.
  • How Walter moved from being a factory worker in Italy to being a top Colorist in Hollywood.
  • The importance of supporting smaller projects and looking after your DP.
  • Dolby Vision on the new Netflix movie ‘The Old Guard’
  • The Color workflow for Dunkirk and working with Christopher Nolan.
  • The HDR of Star Wars ‘The Last Jedi’ Why people said it wasn’t HDR enough!
  • The YouTubers who are spreading the wrong training message.
  • How you can transfer from a different country or position.
Star Wars interview https://youtu.be/GCfvDuQ-IWU
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