Podcast S3 EP04: Gino Amadori CSI, Lima, Peru.


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Season 3 of the Color Tour Podcast has been renamed ‘Not on Tour.’

Gino is one of the leading color graders in Peru. I first met Gino when he came to my iColorist NYC class in 2012. We have stayed in contact ever since. He has really embraced HDR and is already on his 2nd HDR monitor. We chatted about working in Peru and how he started Gamma Post in Lima

Topics discussed

  • How did Gamma Post come about?
  • What are the challenges of owning and operating your own shop?
  • Grading HDR, how hard is it?
  • Editing a Cocaine doco in the early days on FCP5
  • Why he went for the Postium OBM X310 HDR monitor
  • What are his plans for working overseas.
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