Podcast S3 EP05: Bob Festa CSI, Los Angeles US


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Chatting to Bob was the ultimate ‘going down memory lane Podcast’ for me. Having said that he also has some fantastic advice for up and coming color graders.
Bob Festa has been coloring for nearly 40 years. As he says in the podcast “There is nothing I haven’t seen in front or behind me in a session, the only difference now during the Pandemic there is nothing going on behind me!
Bob has worked at most of LAs top Post Houses and was also a partner in a start up company New Hat in 2008
We discuss his life in Color and why he still loves the job.
  • What was the colorist scene like in the 80s?
  • What are the challenges of owning and operating your own shop?
  • Getting 35% of the room rate in the boom time in the mid 2000s
  • What is it like at CO3?
  • Grading the Kevin Costner show Yellowstone
  • Why he is member of the CSI
Company 3 Bio
Post Perspective article with Bob on grading Yellowstone

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