Podcast S3 EP07: Maxine Gervais, Hollywood, US


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Season 3 of the Color Tour Podcast has been renamed ‘Not on Tour.’ I cannot travel so the CT Podcast is being conducted on ZOOM. I talked to Maxine in her DI theatre at Picture Shop during a break in sessions.

Maxine is a Hollywood A list Colorist. Her credits include big tent pole titles amongst a list of over 60 films. She now works at Picture Shop, previously known as Technicolor. We start our conversation with Maxine turning on her Christie 4K projector so I can see her on the ZOOM call. Maxine has an infectious personality that compliments her technical knowledge and creativity.

Topics discussed

  • How did she manage to get on a Harry Potter film for her very first DI grade?
  • What is it like to work at a big Hollywood Post House?
  • Working with Clint Eastwood
  • Creating the amazing look of ‘The Book of Eli’
  • What are Marvel like to work for?
  • Maxine’s thoughts on women in film
  • How did the Harry Potter collaboration with Peter Doyle come about?
Book of Eli Trailer: https://youtu.be/kAMUv22y1og

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