Blessed are the Peacemakers with Vicky Warren | Ep. 83


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Vicky Warren joins me to discuss the pursuit of unity in the church. In this age when we’re exposed to so many voices and opinions, she urges us, first, to pray, then to lay down our rights, to seek peace in knowing who the Lord is, and to ask for reconciliation with Him. Her words are gentle and kind, yet strong and authoritative. I pray you are refreshed by her time on the podcast today!

A little bit about the guest:

CEO of MissionNext, Vicky Warren and her husband have actively served in the local church for over 30 years. Vicky spent 33 years working in innovative and creative environments from multimillion dollar technology deployments, alliances with technical luminaries such as Steve Jobs, Nicholas Negroponte’s MIT media lab, Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and The Walt Disney Studios to entrepreneurial startup businesses. Her primary focus in these organizations included leadership and business development, strategic planning, research and development, innovation and creativity. Now she is committed full time to using these experiences to serve along church planters in Asia and Africa to extend the reach of the Gospel through Pioneer Business Planting. Her passion for Pioneer Business Planting has led her to focusing on mobilizing the body of Christ to this endeavor worldwide through speaking, teaching, equipping, and advocacy of viable and profitable business for God’s glory.

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Vicky is reading Safely Home by Randy Alcorn, Hastening: No Place Left by Steve Smith, and The Three Investigators by Alfred Hitchcock. She is being refreshed by walking in the forest near her home, talking to the Lord, and watching the cows graze.

Noteworthy quotes:

“If you can keep your eyes open and you can watch and you can see in the midst of the sorrow, and the loss, and the difficulties, God is working. ” - 11:21

“It really is about listening to the Lord, being obedient-- even when you’re not quite sure what it is He’s calling you to- and following His direction.” - 15:51

“Do we recognize and understand that He is God?” - 20:46

“Really, as a peacemaker, our call is to reconcile people to God” - 29:51

“If you have it memorized, if you know God’s Word, no one can take that away from you.” - 41:38

Questions for consideration:

  • In what ways does fear of man overpower the fear of the Lord in your life? Will you pray and ask the Lord to help you to lay down your rights? Would you ask the Holy Spirit to help you speak out in love?
  • Where do you attempt to find your peace apart from the Lord? Would you ask the Lord for true peace through reconciliation to Him?

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