Rule of Life with Jill Barlow | Ep. 85


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Short Summary (hook audience first):

Jill Barlow and I discuss rules of life on this episode of Water with Lemon! She graciously encourages us to live intentionally by incorporating rhythms and routines, along with cycles or work and rest, into our daily lives.

A little bit about the guest:

Jill Barlow is a relational ANFJ and Enneagram 8w7with a strong background in leadership, mathematics, and discipleship. She is interested in running, coffee dates, used bookstores, birthdays, and getting to know people. Jill is also a contributing author for Deeply Rooted Magazine and The Gospel Coalition.

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Jill is reading medical fiction books by Lisa Genova, watched the Friends reunion, and listening to Carrie Underwood’s My Savior album. She is being refreshed by returning to life together.

Noteworthy quotes:

“Jesus knows who He is; He knows His priorities.” - 20:14
“God never gets it wrong.” - 23:18

Questions for consideration:

  • Do you have a rule of life? If not, what small routines could you incorporate into your day to ground yourself with the Lord? If you do, what fruit have you seen come from those rhythms?
  • What’s currently consuming your thoughts?
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