Episode 361: Who Could Say If The Prison of Elders Was Bad?


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Austin and Patrick are on their most Waypoint of Waypoint bullshit: Demon's Souls bullshit. But this time, Rob's coming along for the ride! Join as the crew talks through the remake's aesthetic and mechanical differences to the original, and check in with Rob on his new found fandom. After the break, Rob has also been checking out the latest from Zachtronics, Mobius Front '83, a tactics game that feels sparse compared to Zachtronics games usual complexity. He's also been checking out Destiny 2, and Cado has QUESTIONS.

Discussed: PS5 2:15, Demon's Souls 16:51, Mobius Front '83 39:02, Destiny 2 59:18, IO Interactive 1:16:50

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