Episode 444 - Tummy Troubles Are More Problem For Us!


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We’ve got some real chaos energy on this pod, so get ready! We sprinkle emails in amongst some games we’re playing, like Patrick checking out the orb game Exo One, a chill game about being a space orb that is sometimes not an orb. Natalie and Cado have been checking out Voice of Cards, the card based RPG that maybe didn’t need to be card based at all. Rob is suffering through his time with Battlefield 2042, wondering if a co-op crew might be the answers to his multiplayer woes. Then we fully dive into the Question Bucket to figure out some fast food drive through faux pas, getting into Team Fortress 2 in the year of our lord 2021, and what Class Archetypes the crew kins.

Discussed: Exo One 10:24, Voice of Cards: The Dragon Isle Roars 22:16, Dungeon Encounters 37:41, Battlefield 2042 48:59, The Question Bucket 1:08:19

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