WDEK Podcast Ep. 51: Colin Buckingham, Selena Coppock & M. Lamar - March 27, 2017


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Returning from Hawaii to a blizzard has Shonali feeling down. Leave it to Christian to come up with a story about his jacket to cheer her up. The Get Out of A Funk episode starts out with special guest actor & performer Colin Buckingham. Shonali is impressed with Colin's stage combat skills which he has had to use in real life. Do you know what a "half nelson" is? If you want to fight a drunk person "take out their knees." Colin has a achondroplasia which is a form of dwarfism. We discuss labels, entitlement, empathy and privilege. In addition to acting professionally on film and tv, Colin has recently joined the cast of Sleep No More. He is also in a new tv show which he can't tell us anything about. Look for him in Black Magic for White Boys at Tribeca Film Festival pilot series. Our second guest is comedian, writer, actress Selena Coppock. Selena has a popular twitter feed @NYTvows which makes fun of what she calls the "wedding industrial complex." She has written a book and she is currently on a television show called Red Oaks on Amazon, but she is yet to release a comedy album. Well that is until now! Selena has plans is tape her first live comedy album very soon. Make sure you are there! Our last guest is musician & artist M. Lamar. Lamar opens with a performance of "They Took You From Me" from his latest releast "Funeral Doom Spiritual." Originally from Alabama, Lamar has lived as a musician in New York City for the past 10 years. He is a fan of metal music and classical music and has coined himself "Negro gothic devil worshipping free black man in the blues tradition." Find out why and what his mom thinks about that. Lamar comments on how current moments speak to so many other moments of the past, be it police brutality today or being on a slave ship. Lamar recently performed at National Sawdust in Brooklyn. The New York Times wrote about it. Check it out. Christian and Shonali are proud to announce their very first all day We Don't Even Know Variety Fest to happen Sunday April 23 at DCTV, 87 Lafayette Street. Make plans now to join us and our amazing lineup!

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