Introducing... Realms of Peril & Glory, and Vael!


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We hope you enjoyed the second season of Marilyn's Diary! We're now hard at work on the Halloween Special, and we're already working on the outlines for We Fix Space Junk Season Four!

But in the meantime, we just wanted to let you know about a really cool new show from some dear friends of ours.

Zachary Fortais-Gomm, creator of the Orphans, recently started a new podcast, RPG - Realms of Peril and Glory. It features some of our absolute favourite people doing one of our favourite things -- playing RPGs.

Their first season, Vael, is an epic mystery thriller, set in New Harbour, a city of magic, monsters and machines. They've got five episodes out so far and a new episode coming every Wednesday.

The format for Vael is really cool -- while Zack sets the scene as the Game Master, James Barbarossa plays all of the NPCs. At the table are Laura Girling, Maddy Searle, Liz Campbell and Pip Gladwin, whose voices can be heard on shows such as Victoriocity, Wooden Overcoats, Prickwillow Papers and, in fact, We Fix Space Junk!

It's fully scored and sound designed in a way that really brings you into the action. We've really loved listening and we think you'll love it too.

And if that wasn't enough, you'll be able to hear both of us in future seasons!

So, here it is! Episode one of Vael, from RPG: Realms of Peril & Glory.

If you like what you hear -- and we hope you do! -- you can find Realms of Peril & Glory on any podcatcher you like or by clicking this link! The episode transcript is available here.


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