Interpreting Texts: Men vs. Women ft. Nicky and Jenna


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In this episode, I am virtually joined by Nicky Hammond and Jenna Wolf, co-hosts of We Are Not Saints Podcast. We discuss behaviors that scare people away when dating, getting too deep too soon, if there are people out there who have nothing "dark" about them, why dating men is so different than dating women, if women and men receive texts differently, what are the signs that you're heading in the "official" direction, and why "hard to get" can be a turnoff sometimes. This episodes starts with a solo where I discuss how wedding planning is going, how to not feel passive when dating as the girl, if it’s possible to be “trying too hard” to date, and a time where my partner felt insecure. for 20% off your first order. with code ACME for your free account, or 50% off your premium account today. with code ACME for 15% off your first order. for 10% off your first order.

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