Unmasking a Killer: Pam Hupp (Part IV)


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We have finally made it to the end of our Pam Hupp series...or have we? Join us for this final episode, where we discuss what transpired in the police station after Hupp's arrest, as well as full updates on what is currently going on now.
A surprise episode will be coming out tomorrow! Your clue? "Cyanide."
Pam Hupp became her best friend Betsy Faria's life insurance beneficiary. Five days later, Betsy was found with 55 stab wounds and slashed wrists. Betsy's husband Russ was charged with her murder.
No one expected the lies and deceit that would be unearthed over the next 10 years....not to mention, the activities of a potential serial killer.
*****Link to the Major Case Squad dump of Betsy Faria case documents: http://lcsomo.com/records-division/major-case-squad-report-2011-501-betsy-faria/?fbclid=IwAR3NWvh5yV-kzLra7b3Kl1bmiXd8sGqSiSxo7VYXsQLQNysBjpWPd1gui98
We will see you again tomorrow!
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