TIP326: Intrinsic Value of Lumen with Ben Claremon and Eugene Robin (Business Podcast)


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On today’s show we speak to Ben Claremon and Eugene Robin from Cove Street Capital about the intrinsic value of Lumen. Lumen Technology is a new name for a merged entity between Level 3 and CenturyLink.

We discuss how Level 3 holds the hidden upside value while only being one-third of the new entity, and CenturyLink's dying business model is distracting the market attention. Ben and Eugene make a great case for why there may be a special situation between the two right around the corner that could be a catalyst for the stock price to soar.

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  • How to analyze the dynamics of a merger
  • How to evaluate the debt burden of a company
  • How to value a special situation
  • What is the intrinsic value of Lumen


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