TIP327: COVID-19, Vaccine, and the US Economy - w/ Ed Harrison (Business Podcast)


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On today's episode, Stig and I speak with Ed Harrison, the editor at Real Vision TV. Ed talks to us about current market conditions and how investors should position themselves accordingly.

We'll discuss the accelerating debt situation across the globe and the opportunities and constraints for investors. In addition, we'll cover the continued massive money printing and the impact on the economy, not only as investors but as citizens.


  • Why facing a double-dip recession is the base case scenario
  • How can the US most efficiently pay off its public debt?
  • Which implications does it have if Janet Yellen will be the new Treasury Secretary?
  • How to take advantage of the increasing debt burden in developed nations
  • Why the decoupling of the US and China will lead to a weaker US dollar


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