TIP328: Balanced Portfolio Allocation - w/ Damien Bisserier & Alex Shahidi (Business Podcast)


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In today’s episode, we sit down with Alex Shahidi and Damien Bisserier from Evoke Advisors, to discuss balanced portfolio allocation tactics used by billionaires like Ray Dalio.

Damien used to work for Dalio at Bridgewater Associates - the largest Hedge fund in the world with more than $160B under management, while Alex has over 20 years of experience managing billions of dollars for his clients. We discuss why, after years of research, Alex and Damien have concluded that a portfolio based on risk parity is the optimal structure for any investor.


  • How to create a portfolio with a balance risk and reward for each investment
  • How to access the strategy used by Billionaire Ray Dalio
  • How this portfolio should endure any economic climate
  • Why each holding in your portfolio should be as uncorrelated as possible
  • What it’s like to work for Ray Dalio using “radical transparency”


  • Risk Parity ETF (Ticker: RPAR)
  • Evoke Advisors
  • TIP Finance Tool for tracking portfolio correlation
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