TIP331: Inflation w/ Cullen Roche


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On today's show, we bring back investment expert, Cullen Roche, to talk about inflation, the state of the economy, and whether there is a rational argument for stocks trading at 50x earnings.


  • Why money supply expansion is not equal to inflation
  • Understanding the new rules of bond investing in today’s inflation and interest rate environment
  • How to protect your portfolio against inflation
  • Whether there is a rational argument for stocks to be trading at 50 times earnings


  • Preston and Stig’s interview with Cullen Roche about equities and COVID-19 impact
  • Preston and Stig’s interview with Cullen Roche about contrarian investing
  • Cullen Roche’s website, Pragmatic Capitalism
  • Cullen Roche’s comprehensive resource, Understanding Money
  • Tweet directly to Cullen Roche
  • Email Cullen at cullenroche@orcamgroup.com
  • Ray Dalio’s “Ask me Anything” on Reddit
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