TIP339: Common Sense Investing w/ Joel Greenblatt


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Trey Lockerbie is joined by legendary investor, Joel Greenblatt. Joel is the managing director and Co-CIO of Gotham Capital, which has produced spectacular returns for over 3 decades.

He is also the author of investing classics like The Little Book that Beats the Market, and You Can Be a Stock Market Genius. On top of that, he is a professor at Columbia University, where he teaches value investing to MBA students.


  • Joel Greenblatt’s investing philosophy
  • The case for diversification as well as
  • The case for a concentrated portfolio
  • How Joel thinks through position sizing
  • And much, much more!


  • Gotham Funds: Funds
  • The Little Book That Beats the Market: Amazon
  • You Can Be a Stock Market Genius: Amazon
  • The Big Secret: Amazon
  • Common Sense: Amazon
  • The Value Investors Club: Website
  • The Magic Formula: Website
  • Preston, Trey & Stig’s tool for picking stock winners and managing our portfolios: TIP Finance Tool
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