TIP342: The Future of Food w/ Billionaire Jim Mellon


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In today’s episode, Trey sits down with billionaire, Jim Mellon. They discuss Jim's new book, “Moo’s Law". The book is about the future of food and how we, as investors, can profit.

CNBC has referred to Jim as “Britain’s answer to Warren Buffett” and he brings a wealth of knowledge to this very wide-ranging discussion.


  • Jim Mellon’s framework for the current market conditions
  • The future of food
  • Human longevity
  • The revolution occurring in sustainable energy


  • Mosa Meat: Website
  • Biotech anti-aging company: Juvenescence
  • Cell-cultured sea food company: BlueNalu
  • Jim’s new book, Moo’s Law
  • Jim’s other books
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