TIP374: Mastermind Q3 2021 W/ Tobias Carlisle


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In today's episode, Stig Brodersen speaks to Tobias Carlisle about why Alibaba and US homebuilders are where you can find value in today’s market.


  • (00:01:47) Why does Tobias Carlisle see value in PulteGroup and homebuilders
  • (00:09:14) Understanding boom and bust cycle of PulteGroup
  • (00:11:23) What is true inflation?
  • (00:13:30) The impact of inflation has on how Stig invests
  • (00:32:24) Why value ETFs are often focused on the US or international and not global
  • (00:34:56) Why Stig is finding value in Alibaba
  • (00:38:46) Which price did Charlie Munger, Mohnish Pabrai, and Guy Spier buy Alibaba at?
  • (00:40:39) An overview of Alibaba's business model and business units
  • (00:46:41) What is the impact of regulatory changes on Alibaba?
  • (00:48:12) The rationale that the Chinese government had for the recent crackdown
  • (00:48:58) Difference between the US and Chinese legislation for big tech
  • (00:51:54) How to value the unprofitable part of Alibaba and Google's business
  • (00:57:54) Understanding Alibaba's ecosystem

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