145 Monk Coleman Shares Expertise on Spiritual Awakening, Becoming an Ethical Vegan & The Experience of Being A Three Time Natural Pro Physique Bodybuilder


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Wealth Academy Podcast community, Monk Coleman is a transformative guest expert who is a life coach, author of the book, Love Over Fear: A Guide To Peace and Purpose. That's not all, Monk is a meditation instructor and a three-time Natural Pro Physique Bodybuilder.

Monk shared his basement to mission backstory which is inspirational for all listeners. He encountered life challenges that would have overtaken most people and it happened during his formative years, however, it wasn't the end of his story.

Monk Coleman turned his life around and today he's an empowering life coach and works to help others from the inside out. He helps people understand they have no limits in their life and he uses his personal experiences to do so. Meditation is what shaped and molded Monk and today he's a meditation instructor and he is able to help others understand and he shows them the awesome power and benefits of meditation.

He experienced a spiritual awakening that led to him becoming an ethical vegan whereby he has compassion for all beings to include animals. That's not all, Monk informs listeners that all animals should be spared inhumaneness of all kinds. A subset of Monk's spiritual awakening, meditation, and veganism led to him transitioning to bodybuilding, and lo and behold, through hard work and persistence, he has become a three-time natural pro physique bodybuilder.

Monk is the author of the book, Love Over Fear: A Guide To Peace and Purpose. He shared insight on ten principles that will help people become empowered and live their best life possible. Monk Coleman is an amazing man, and his message is clear, It's Never Too Late to Rewrite Your Life Story.

Learn more about Monk Coleman at his website https://bit.ly/3ANbkEV

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