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It’s obvious that Christian faith is under attack on many levels across America. This inherently includes an attack on the Judeo-Christian values which support the ownership of personal property and allow American families to build sustainable wealth. Dr. Ralph Reed’s latest book For God and Country provides a defense of Judeo-Christian values especially relating to political decisions in the face of vocal opposition.

When it comes to elected officials, you can’t ignore or deny that there are “politics” involved in the way they deal with certain issues and regulations including recent restrictions and standards surrounding COVID and rioting.

But Freedom is in the DNA of the American people, and most agree on the foundational values of: Faith in God, Strong Families & Civil Society, Free Markets, Rule of Law and Limited Government.

Many evangelical Christians are facing hate for supporting Donald J. Trump for President in 2016. As the Founder and Chairman of Faith and Freedom Coalition + working on the campaigns for 11 presidential elections over the years, Dr. Reed definitely has a connection to the pulse of national politics as they relate to Christian Faith and values.

Listen and consider what the election means for your faith, values and wealth.

3 Steps to Effectively Stand for your Values in 2020 and beyond:

  • Be educated & informed
  • Vote
  • Work to influence public policy


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