Socialism, Progressivism, Larceny and the Federal Reserve


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Many people think the Federal Reserve is a wing of government… but in actuality it is a Private Cartel.

The unusual thing about the Federal Reserve is their ability to create money. We have to work to make our money, but the Federal Reserve can simply print its very own Benjamin Franklins.

In today’s day and age, they don’t even have to print. They can generate money with a click of a computer key!

No! It can’t be as easy as that! But it is!

Very Comforting… isn’t it?

Today on Wealth Talks, Tom and John are joined by Dr. Paul Cleveland. Dr. Cleveland has a Ph.D. in Economics and is a Professor of Economics and Finance at Birmingham-Southern College. Dr. Cleveland gives us a brief history of the Federal Reserve and how it operates + a way we can stay in the game despite the rising inflation.


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