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Can you believe tomorrow is December 1st 2019?

Hey, my name is Drew Weber. I am a songwriter/Vocalest/artist/producer. I play guitars and other 6stringed instruments, keys/programming, drums/percussion. Here are 20 tracks that I've written/recorded over the past 20 years, which I feel have the potential, to reach the top 20 if given the chance. Genre's for these tracks spans Christian, rock/hard rock, country, pop. As I looked through my catalogue and chose these tracks, I looked at writership, and arrangement vs just sound/production. Over the past 20 years, I've learned new techniques, and gotten better equipment, recorded in new spaces.


If you do, please look me up wherever you stream music. Thanks for listening.


1. Thank You Lord (2000)

2. Unshattered (Unplugged) (2014)

3: More Beauty Than Gold (2003)

4. It Is Time (2005)

5. You And Me (2016

6. Why We Drinkin (2018)

7. When I Knew (2019)

8. This Life (2012)

9. Time On Valentines (2016

10. Mud In The Wind (2019)

11. Autom (2015

12. Break My Fall (Unplugged) (2017)

13. Turn Around (2003)

14. Bro Thang (2016)

15. Reason For Breathin (2016)

16 Thr Lords Faithfulness (2007)

17. Elope (Clean) (2019

18. I Love You (2002)

19. 3,64 Days (2018

20. The Red, White, And Blue (2019)

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