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You’ve done months (maybe even YEARS) of wedding planning & preparation, and the big day is finally almost here!

Last stop? Rehearsal dinner.

This week we’re reviewing everything you need to know for planning & hosting this extra special night with your family & friends.

We cover everything from the ceremony rehearsal itself to practical tips for hosting your loved ones afterwards.


Naturally, I have a ton of creative alternatives to taking 50 of your closest friends & family out to eat at a nice restaurant ($$$). Beyond just saving money, we’ll also cover:

  • When to start planning (hint - it might be earlier than you think!)
  • Personality-packed options for location and food selection
  • Tips for keeping the night on pace and organized
  • And meaningful touches that will be remembered beyond the wedding day.

This topic is so dear to me - I remember our rehearsal dinner as one of the most special nights of my life. We grilled chicken, steak & veggies with our friends & family on the property where we got married, had all the fave drinks flowing, and a curated list of our favorite songs turned way up. We laughed, talked & celebrated long past sunset, and it was a magical night.

I wish all the same for you!

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xo, Kara

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