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You’ve found the perfect wedding dress - congratulations!!!

Today on the Wedding Planning Podcast, we’re doing a thorough review of all the "post-dress shopping" to-do items.

Our conversation covers the dress alterations process in detail, including pricing, money-saving tips, a timeline for when to get started, and alternative options for having your dress altered.

We also cover:

  • What's a bustle, do I need one, and how much does it cost? (article on bustling I mentioned in today's show can be found here)
  • Pre-wedding weight loss & gain,
  • Styling and shape wear options like bras, corsets, and compression garments,
  • The importance of COMFORTABLE SHOES,
  • Getting your dress home & last minute wrinkle patrol (the handheld steamer I mentioned can be found here)
  • And some creative ways to preserve and / or repurpose your gown after the wedding.

I hope you love it, and congratulations on that beautiful dress!

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