Prepping For Unforeseen Wedding Details & Surprise Scenarios


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A fun piece of feedback I hear from you, especially after our wedding Q&A shows, is “wow, we never even would have thought of that!”

Today I 'm revealing a list of 12 wedding details that are really easy to overlook ... and being on top of them can literally change the course of your wedding day.

These little "aha moments" can stack up quickly and mean the difference from frantically skirting a bunch of mini disasters, to proactively being prepared for all the little hiccups and bumps that will naturally occur throughout the course of your wedding day.

Malcolm Gladwell is a Canadian author, journalist, and producer of one of my favorite Podcasts, Revisionist History. In a recent episode he said, “It’s impossible to make a list of things that have not yet occurred to us” and I immediately knew I wanted to apply those wise words to your wedding plans.

Let’s roll through a dozen essential wedding details that may get overlooked in the planning process - tune in for so much more!

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