Ready to Turn Off Wedding STICKER SHOCK?


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When’s the last time you hosted an event for 100 of your closest friends & family, and YOU footed the entire bill?

If you like most of us, probably NEVER - until now. Ahhhhh yes, weddings, are, so, expensive.

But your engagement season doesn’t have to be a nonstop feeling of dread everytime you look at your bank account, or constant gross feelings of sticker shock.

No doubt, weddings cost a lot of money. Here’s a quick list of some items that are keeping you up at night:

  • "$5000 florist quote - simple rose & hydrangea centerpieces - and that didn’t even include bouquets!"
  • "Went wedding dress shopping for the first time last weekend and literally the cheapest dress in the store was $2300."
  • "We can’t find a photographer for under $4000"
  • "$150 / person for beer, wine, and a simple plate of food is just ridiculous"
  • "We went with a venue that doesn’t include anything, and just found out that simple lighting and a dance floor is a $1900 upcharge from our DJ!"

If you’re starting to feel like you either need to elope or have your reception in a rec center, you’re not alone.

95% of engaged couples I surveyed in 2021 choose “expensive” as the top 3 words that describe wedding planning. (The others, if you’re curious, were “overwhelming” and “exciting” - I guess it just depends on the day!)

The thing about EXPENSIVE is that it’s RELATIVE to you, your priorities, and your situation.

What if a cart at the mall was selling a bottle of water for $100? Ridiculous, right?

What if you were in the desert, just hours away from dying of dehydration, and someone showed up with a bottle of cold water for $100 - would that be expensive?

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