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This week's episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast is a collection of wedding questions & situations submitted by members of my digital wedding planning package, The VAULT.

Membership includes the priceless benefit of submitting your wedding questions for feature on these monthly Q&A shows, and this week we're discussing in detail:

  • Should we bother creating a seating chart?
  • How much alcohol should we buy for 100 guests?
  • Are "drink tickets" rude?
  • Budgeting for dress alterations
  • Details on FREE honeymoon planning services for your all-inclusive, cruise, or exotic honeymoon AND get $50 off when you book! (Simply email to get started.)
  • Pros to an unplugged ceremony & tips for communicating your expectations to guests
  • And so much more!

Monthly membership to The VAULT also includes a weekly bonus “off the record” chat where we can connect behind-the-scenes, and go deeper into select wedding topics covered in the free weekly shows.

Enjoy TWO featured OFF THE RECORD bonus shows when you sign up for a free 3-day trial of The VAULT.

There are zero contracts, no pre-payments or obligation, and you're free to cancel anytime ... although I certainly hope you'll recognize the value in this revolutionary, ALL NEW WAY to plan your dream wedding, and that we can continue the journey together!

Cheers to you & your dream wedding celebration,


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