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This week on the Wedding Planning Podcast, we’re demystifying the world of wedding insurance, permits and licensing.

It all seems like a big, scary topic so we're bringing it all down to very simple terms and easy tasks that you can check off your list, typically with a few simple phone calls or clicks.

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You’ve likely had nightmares about alllllll the things that can go wrong on your wedding day.

While I can’t buffer you against ALL mishaps like a global pandemic that spans years, a lipstick spot on your dress, swollen & hurting feet, or running out of vodka at the bar - the GOOD news is, you CAN protect yourself and your wedding from big disasters with a simple little thing called wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance is reasonably priced, and for just a couple hundred dollars can provide PRICELESS peace of mind.

Side note - Researching your wedding insurance options would be a PERFECT little task to delegate to someone who's been asking you "is there anything for the wedding I can help with?" ;)

Stick around for the second half of the show to hear your wedding questions, answered!

Please feel free to share this valuable episode with your engaged friends, or anyone who's helping you plan. I appreciate your support of the Wedding Planning Podcast beyond words!

Cheers, Kara

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