Not Your Average WEDDING BUDGET Convo | Week 1 Bonus Workshop


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The Wedding Budget BONUS WORKSHOP has been archived and is available to members inside my digital wedding planning package, The VAULT.

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>>> Today's workshop-style meeting is designed to magically make possible all the wedding things that are most important to you, regardless of how much money you have in the budget. Sounds amazing, right??? Welcome to Week ONE of the "12 Weeks of Engagement Season" BONUS SERIES from the Wedding Planning Podcast!

Nope, this is not your average wedding budget conversation. There are no percentage breakdowns on how much you "should" spend on what, no "average cost" conversations, and absolutely no judgement if you want to spend $500 on your wedding, and $10,000 on your honeymoon.

It’s time for a NEW WAY to create your dream wedding celebration, where YOU, your values, and your priorities are at the center of every single decision you make from now until your wedding day, & beyond.

So let’s say goodbye to unrealistic, staged images on Pinterest of weddings in the forest that cost $32,000 - in decorations alone.

It’s time to tune out overhyped social media accounts that are pushing the $72 billion dollar wedding industry’s agenda.

Here on the Wedding Planning Podcast, we say NO to the wedding industry’s priorities, and we say yes to a more fulfilled engagement season that starts with YOU.


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