Why crop topping is a great tool to prevent weed seed set


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It's hard to believe that harvest is just around the corner! In light of this fast approaching reality, we wanted to talk about crop topping and spray topping.

Each of our WeedSmart Extension Agronomists provide a rundown on what to look out for in their cropping regions in regards to crop topping, swathing and desiccation.

  • Paul McIntosh, Northern Region: crop topping or swathing/windrowing winter pulses, e.g. faba beans - jump to listen at 18:00
  • Jana Dixon, High Rainfall Zone: crop topping barley and spray topping pastures - jump to listen at 30:00
  • Chris Davey – desiccation and crop topping pulses - jump to listen at 41:30
  • Greg Condon – crop topping canola - jump to listen at 55:00

Dr Chris Preston, University of Adelaide, also joins us to explain the mode of action classification system changes from a letters system to numbers system and what it’ll mean for growers.

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