Episode 164 - The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Part 1


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Stop me if you've heard this one.
Agent Smith, General Zod and Aldrich Killian walk into a pub...
Australia is a land of contrasts: Surf and sand, cold beer and hot days, gay bashings and a cult film about a trio of drag queens...
Wait, what?
In 1994, a small film made by a bunch of guerrilla filmmakers rewrote what being gay, transgender or a drag queen meant to the Australian public at large. From the feather boas to the famous 'Thong Dress', Priscilla made a splash that can be measured on the Australian consciousness, in our tolerance for those of the 'other'.
Join Matthew and Holly as they do a deep-dive into the world of Priscilla, the context of the shoot, and its impact around the world.

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