“THE HOTEL OUT OF TIME” and 6 More Dark and Disturbing True Stories! #WeirdDarkness


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“THE HOTEL OUT OF TIME” and 6 More Dark and Disturbing True Stories! #WeirdDarkness
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IN THIS EPISODE: North Carolina’s Great Dismal Swamp is full of horror stories – but the worst might be the fact that the swamp appears to swallow people alive. (Swallowed Alive In Great Dismal Swamp) *** A weeping man called the police to tearfully apologize for murdering his victims… but that didn't stop him from continuing to kill again and again. (The Weepy Voiced Killer) *** In Hindu culture, it is believed if certain post-death rituals are not conducted on those who have passed away, the deceased’s family would not prosper and there would be misfortunes aplenty. One family in Bhutan had to learn that the hard way. (The Stoning Ghost of Sombek) *** An apparent incident involving a “gigantic cigar-shaped UFO” somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean in May 1963 wasn’t reported for almost 20 years, when a witness to the event finally came forward through a written letter of the incident. (The Atlantic UFO of 1963) *** In a beautiful little town in North Wales, children ran through the graveyard, searching for little men with big eyes and long ears. They were searching for strange fairy folk – the ‘brownies’ of Bangor. (The Brownies of Bangor) *** Serial killer Ed Gein was caught and arrested for his crimes in November of 1957 – but that didn’t mean Gein’s neighbors would see the end of his influence on their lives. (Selling Ed Gein) *** Four people take a trip to France and stay at hotel that appeared too good to be true – because it was. (The Hotel Out of Time)
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