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Is the realization you are officially “middle aged” totally screwing with your head? Does the fact that all the favorite bands of your youth are now doing “reunion tours” give you a paradoxical feeling of joyful melancholy? Does realizing you can’t lecture your kid about their tattoos and/or piercings without them bringing up yours give you a headache? Wondering how in the hell you are still out marching about the same bullshit you were back in your Riot Grrrl days? Well you are not alone! Life is hard, yo! Just when you think you have it figured out fate throws a handful of nails under your worn tires and there you are, spinning out of control and desperately trying to gain traction. Big or small, it is easy to feel alone in your struggles and it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are anything like the rest of us tired assholes trying to accept that “middle age” is something actually happening to us, you thought you would have this shit figured out by now too. It is time to tighten up the laces on those old Docs and touch up our goddamned roots; because we are going to get through this crazy shit together.

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