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Welcome to Wellthy Living Conversations. I'm Lisa, your host and Founder of Wellthy Living. I am a passionate woman, a mother of two beautiful humans, living in Melbourne, Australia and I want to add value in the world.
As an experienced facilitator, a life, clarity and wellbeing coach, a deep and creative generalist, and a lover of curious, inspiring and insightful conversations, it is here that I connect with a variety of wonderful humans to share knowledge, lived experience and tools to guide you to live a meaningful, connected and well life that supports your wellbeing both personally & professionally.
With 20+ years of experience helping people achieve their goals in a way that supports their own values and aligned with their unique style and circumstance, I strongly believe that self-knowledge is a key to life success, learned in a variety of ways through connection to self, others and the world around us. This led me to develop my mantra of “Connection is medicine”
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