The Adventurous Path with Dr Will Duffin & Dr Lizzie Thorne


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In this conversation between Dr Will Duffin and Dr Lizzie Thorne we learn about some of Lizzie’s highlights of working out in Fiji with Bear Grylls and examples of some of the medical care she’s delivered in extreme environments.

Lizzie and Will also discuss what the key attributes are of a good expedition medic?, how and why lizzie escaped the London medical career treadmill and her top tips for other medics who want to follow the same path and how lizzie has juggled her overseas trips with her hospital rota.

Lizzie is a Junior Doctor, she graduated from St George’s medical school in London in 2017 and is now in her F4 year and has just applied for core surgical training. She has been able to build expedition medicine into her career including an interest in sports, exercise and expedition medicine. She has taken part in many different overseas projects and expeditions including:

  • Ultra Marathon: Sri Lanka - race medic
  • Ultra Marathon: Jordan - race medic
  • Adventure Race, Eco Challenge, WEM: FIJI - race medic
  • Surgical Charity Simons Mango Tree: Ghana - Surgical junior
  • Just Challenge WWF Charity Hike: Vietnam - challenge medic

She was also a member of the WEM medical team for filming of The Worlds Toughest Race with Bear Grylls out in Fiji.

You can find her on instagram as @theadventuredoctor

Lizzie is currently working in the Emergency Department in George in the Western Cape of South Africa


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