Bonus Episode 3: Blue Miracle with Jimmy Gonzales


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Why not join in for another BONUS episode, friend? This week we have a FREEZIE and a FUNZIE with actor Jimmy Gonzalez from Netflix's newest feature film, Blue Miracle. This feel-good film was a blast to watch and I can't wait for you to see it!

This movie meant so much to me because my father would faithfully lead a group of people to Mexico every other week to partner with the local orphanage in Rosarito.

Thanks to serving at an orphanage, I want to share with you some lessons I learned and want to pass on:

  • Compassion matters
  • Faith matters
  • Miracles happen

Blue Miracle is based on the incredible true story of Casa Hogar, the Mexican boy's home that entered the world's biggest fishing tournament to save their orphanage.

The movie is available for you to view on Netflix now. I hope you enjoy this interview and get a chance to watch Blue Miracle after this podcast.
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