Bonus Episode 4: Humility + Imposter Syndrome with Bianca Juarez Olthoff


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Hi friends! Welcome back to another bonus episode of We’re Going There! Season 3 kicks off shortly, but I want to pop in and share with you what I’ve been learning as I’m learning it.

Recently, I was teaching at a conference where one of the pastors that I’ve admired for years was also teaching. I found myself doubting my abilities and had all sorts of insecurities creeping in. I felt like an IMPOSTER.

Fortunately, I had listened to a recent Jasmine Star podcast episode interviewing Kat Cole and I was able to:

  • Quiet my internal saboteur
  • Remind myself that I have a job to do
  • Use the GODfidence inside of me

Thank you Jesus for reminding me to stay humble and not fall into humiliation.

We have one last bonus episode coming up in June and it’s a special one for me. Thank you for sharing this podcast and leaving so many amazing reviews. Love you!



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