Hacking the Novel: A Journey From Tech Support to Published Author with Ryan Rutan, Senior Director of Community at Synack


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Ryan Rutan has worked in tech support, as a computer repairman, application developer, software engineer, entrepreneur, and head of community…and most recently, fiction writer. Listen to this episode to hear what inspired Fork This Life, a novel that follows the life of a teenager growing up with the early internet of the 90s who eventually gets into hacking, and how it relates to today’s cybersecurity challenges.


Why You Should Listen:

Hear about Ryan’s approach to hacking the fiction writing process.

* Get the inside story of how working in tech support informed Ryan’s career in cybersecurity.

* Nerd out on nostalgia about the nineties tech scene.

* Pick up tips for developing your creative voice.

* Get tips for how you can help spread a culture of good security hygiene.


Key Quotes:

* “I’m a technical person, therefore I create.”

* “I need a computer but why? I want to get online, but why? Everyone knew they needed it and wanted it but they didn’t know why.”

* “The people who know and understand what it means to keep things secure... It’s incumbent upon them to pay if forward as much as possible.”

* “Security back in the 90s.. your death was going to come from a swift sledgehammer to the head...now it’s death by a thousand cuts from a million different websites.”


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