EP 114 - Hail Science, Drink Blood


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Get your blunderbuss and load it with all the silverware because it is time for another Werewolf Radar!

In this Episode, Roger updates us on the world’s only "Asparamancer" and her recent predictions for 2020. Jordan blows the door open on a NEVER before heard Bigfoot sighting. After learning more reasons we shouldn't go out at night, Will-O'-The-Whisps this time, Nate takes a break from News-feratu to tell us the Native American tales of the Rolling Head and the Flying Head. Roger Finished the episode going up the list of Top Ten African Gods and teaching us all about Shango!

It's time to get prepared with the world's premiere paranormal preparedness podcast: Werewolf Radar!


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Thanks to Chuck Coffey for our snappy little theme song, and, as always: Punch the sky, Spaceman Joe!

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