EP 119 - A Taste of Tengu


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Once again... we are sorry for making a clip of the mummy priest and playing the sounds that came out of it over, and over, and over again. We feel like the curse of 2020 is our fault. On the positive side, we got a new werewolf Radar for you!

In this, ash-filled Monday episode: Jordan talks about Monster in My Pocket monsters, specifically the Japanese bird/scroll/Cyrano look-a-like humanoid Tengu; Roger picks a call for paranormal help from reddit and the crew helps them with their doppelgänger cat; Nate wraps up with an another exciting News-feratu.

Time to get prepared with the world's premiere paranormal preparedness podcast: Werewolf Radar!


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Thanks to Chuck Coffey for our snappy little theme song, and, as always: Punch the sky, Spaceman Joe!

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