S5E26 20,000 Download Special and Update


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S5E26 20,000 Download Special and update

Tunes…Quite a few, but mostly chat.

Thanks for listening and subscribing everyone!

New intro tune is Bannocks Of Barley Meal, I’m using Aird/MacFadyen’s setting:

I’m getting new Jon Swayne Bagpipes, if you aren’t familiar with his work and are curious you can check it out here:

The Pipe makers I mentioned on the show you should check out if you are in the shopping mood:

Robert Felsburg:


He is a great follow on Instagram and occasionally posts a video or a live of himself playing William Dixon tunes, so obviously I am a fan!

Ross Calderwood

You can Check out Ross’s Page Here:

He also has some great clips of himself playing Dixon tunes on his Youtube channel worth watching but this is the video I referenced about the various tunings with his drone configuration, besides you get to see his impressive shop set up behind him😊 :

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