37 – Matt Blankenberger - Senior Engineer Intern


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In this episode, we talk with Matt Blankenberger, Senior Engineer Intern from our Parking Design team in our Indianapolis, Indiana office.

Matt is an experienced structural engineer specializing in the design of parking facilities. He is involved in multiple phases of new parking structure design, from preliminary concepts in schematic design to construction review and inspection throughout construction administration. He has experience with a variety of structural systems including reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete, precast concrete, and structural steel, and is also knowledgeable in the review and rehabilitation of existing concrete structures, including structural modifications and retrofitting.

During the podcast, Matt talked about growing up on a farm in a small town in southern Illinois, and how he is happy he is still close to home while living in Indiana. He also talked about recently buying a new home, his desire to travel to Australia, and the favorite projects he has contributed to across the country.

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