38 - Monte Lambert - Senior Business Development Manager


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Monte discusses his professional and personal life. He talks about his upbringing on a cattle ranch in Montana, attending the University of Montana to study Music and Education, planting trees across the country, developing a "roadshow" for a large chain of membership-only warehouse clubs, and how he finally made his way to West Palm Beach, Florida. He also discusses his role at WGI in helping solve clients' problems and helping connect people to bring projects to life.

Monte has more than 20 years of experience in business leadership and sales, he has a wide reach statewide with the many leaders of business and government that run the state of Florida. Monte has developed a network of people that enable him to connect the team with new sectors and opportunities. He is able to bring this diversity of skills together to advance established strategic business development plans across all of WGI’s business sectors within Florida and beyond.

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