16 – Maria Bolivar, Project Manager


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UNLEASHED Podcast Episode 16 – Maria Bolivar, Project Manager

Welcome back to WGI Unleashed! In this episode, we head to our corporate office in West Palm Beach, FL to get to know Maria Bolivar, a project manager in our PLACE Division. Maria joined our firm just four months ago and is already making an impact at WGI by utilizing her passion and experience for private land development projects and offering our clients WGI’s services as a “complete package.”

The discussion covers how WGI has given Maria the opportunity to do what she has always wanted, all the lessons learned, and the experience she has gained along the way.

Maria says, “I realized I needed to go back to consulting and put all of these pieces that I have together and just do what I’ve always wanted to do. Be involved in the whole project from beginning to end and offer clients and private developers the best services which will allow us to differentiate ourselves by offering a complete package to our clients. And right now, is the best time to do it!”

We also discuss Maria’s background and how she ensures her family spends quality time together and the age gap between her two older kids and her younger son.


You can learn more about Maria and connect with her through her LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/maria-bolivar-48757717/

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